Independence Day

Today we celebrate (Not Sure Every one Feels the same) 67th Independence day. I just wanted to share what Independence day meant to me.

I always get excited during August during school days. The reason is I don’t have to attend the special classes after school hours. July we complete our first midterm test in the school I definitely would have failed in one subject, so I was obliged for the special class if not for the entire week at-least 1 or 2 days. I hated seeing my Maths sir in class room itself then how could I stand him in the special class ? 

The first working day of August we start practicing MarchFast for Independence day, 1 hour in the morning, and 1 hour in the evening (As we have to march in front of the district collector in Independence day parade, so the School wanted us to be perfect). This mean’s I don’t have to attend special class, and always can bunk the first 2 classes as schools always have 45 minutes class. Not just to enjoy these benefits I joined the school band also I was not found of studying like all school going students. I still remember where we even practiced for  3-4 hours a day for the 50th Independence day, though I become tired I always used to be happy because I bunk classes, and when I come back to my classes friends used be jealous on me because they would have been thrashed in the previous class either my the Maths’s master or the Science Master. Even today when I see WWE their face comes and go for a second at-least. 

Today is August 15th I am not as existed as I was during school days, not because I can’t do the March-fast or I don’t get a day off ( I work in the Us timing, so follow US Holidays). Where do we actually stand after 68 years of Independence. What actually have Changed after Independence for us to celebrate. We had 15 Prime Ministerial  changes 13 Presidential changes 17 general elections, but nothing has changed it remains the same. female infanticide still there,I see people traveling in roof of bus & train. Every day in tabloid we find people committing sucide of poverty, saddened to see people eat ANT for their hunger. I happened to read Gandhi saying “The real Independence day is only when a girl walks alone in the street at midnight that’s real Independence” if we are going to quote this as reference for Indian Independence, I am sure we can’t declare India independent for the next 50 years. Rape In India is fourth most common crime in India. According to statistics 24923 were reported across india, this number is not our GRE or GMAT score to be proud of. India is listed in Top 10 of the most dangerous countries to be a women. This is not olympics medal tally where we can say our country sit in top 10, that is more worse were we will searching for our name in Medal tally wherein other countries busy counting their medals. 

One more list which we should be proud of 30th most corrupt countries in the world. Sickened to see this corruption news in tabloids because people are used with the corruption. One thing has definitely we should admit it that’s “Indian Economy” in 1947 1 INR = $32 today 1$ = 60 INR what a change over maama like the TV ad, Is this the real growth ?

If I am going to list things like this I am sure I can complete the list only during my last days, not sure even I will complete by then. I am not asking people to come to street and fight . Try adding some value to the society you belong which will result a big change as country. Small good things you make will make a big difference I.e obey traffic rules, fund for a child’s education, avoid giving bribe, and taking it. Exercise your franchise to the right candidate, don’t take money & sell your basic rights. There are lot of things I can say, but i prefer you doing yourself thinking what’s good for you & the country.

“Change alone is permanent”  Only when we try to bring the changes from grass-root level we can eradicate all the problem it has to start from our own house. This is a hard fought independence, we today sit comfortably on lot of people’s blood shed. 

There are lot of changes we can make to the society instead changing the DP in Facebook & Whatsapp doesn’t mean you are real Indians “JAI HIND”



Shridi Trip with VasanthKamal Travels.

I wanted to make a visit to Shrdi like all Sai Devotees & was waiting for my chance to make it. I kept checking with my friends who already went there on their next visit, but I couldn’t find their time suit’s me ,so I decided to make it on my own. Like all lazy nut’s (Who claim themselves as It professionals!) googled it, and I remember I filled my email in a web form.

3 Day’s later I got a email from Vasanth Kamal tours about their Shirdi Tour plan’s. I work in Business development & most of time goes writing email’s for campaigns I always open every email which I get to see if I can get any idea from it (Trust me I haven’t found any idea from those ) then why opening all email’s? I would say it’s been a habit now.

I replied to the mail enquiring on the available date & I got a reply within an hour via phone call, as I mentioned my number in the email. The person spoke in the other end was very informative and quoted me INR 11900/- for the entire package, and explained about the package fly to  Pune – Chennai Chennai – pune, and from Pune will board you in AC Volvo bus, and 5 star accommodation with Food provided. Like every one I was too skeptical about this (Becuase India known as land of scam atleast in recent days) & asked him to call the next day which is Tuesday I did some research in internet & didn’t find any bad review about this company, so I decided to take it since the date of journey was Friday night & they had only 2 available seats.

She called me the next day morning I asked her how to proceed with the payment. If I have to come to your office to make the payment ,she instantly told they have a collection department who can come& collect the payment from you. I was again impressed with their service & asked the collection guy to come to my office in the evening & I made the payment for which I received an Invoice from the collection executive & got a confirmation mail from vasanth kamal tours. The next day I got Flight PNR, she called me again & asked if I have a passport size photo graph scanned for special darshan I immediately send it over to her on the phone, and she asked to take care of the dinner for Friday night, as the tour package starts only from Saturday. I was all set to leave for the Holy darshan I got a SMS from Vasanth Kamal tours with the Guide name contact details & vehicle number.

I Landed in Pune airport & didn’t take long time to find the guide as they were holding name boards “VASANTH KAMAL TOURS” like me there were couple more passenger whom I met in the flight accommodated by Vasanth Kamal tours for Shridi Package.They accommodated us in quails and drove us to an hotel it was a decent place for night stay I rested myself & couldn’t wait for the trip to begin.

The next day morning we boarded our self in AC Volvo bus as earlier said by the executive. We first stopped in a hotel for Breakfast the food was good, though you cannot expect typical Idly pongal in North India, we finished our Breakfast and settled in our bus in came Mr.Rahul Manthalkar MD Vasanth Kamal tours one the modest person I have ever seen welcomed us first, and explained the tour schedule.

The First stop was Mahaganapathi Temple which is 200 kms from Pune were we had good Ganbathi Darshan

IMG_1181 IMG_1184

We then Drove towards Shirdi & reached the Hotel by 12.30 & checked in our rooms. The rooms were high in standards with Centralized Ac’s & well maintained the Hotel as Promised was a Star Hotel with Swimming Pool conference room & all other qualities a star hotel have except a Bar (which is non allowed in Shirdi I was told), and most importantly Sai idols every where to worship.

I settled down refreshed myself & went for the lunch it was a buffet mix of both North & South Indian dishes had a nice lunch & assembled at the hotel lobby & the bus which drove us from Pune picked us up & dropped in the mandir.We all reached the Mandir & lined up for the special darshan which was already booked by Vasanth Kamal tours, some of them carried arthy ticket with them which I was not aware since a first time visitor.

We all had our hotel key’s the Guide made it very clear the Bus will leave the hotel to pune by tomorrow Afternoon 2.00pm, so it’s up to us to make up to the number of Darshan this was very well planned and executed unlike other travel agencies who rush on us to complete the Darshan and head back home just to make sure their job is completed. I had 3 darshan on the Saturday went back to the hotel rested myself & came back again in the morning had one more darshan.




I then made some purchase bought some sai statue for friends & relatives & went back to the hotel had a good shower packed all my belongings & went for lunch again a buffet finished my lunch & boarded myself in the bus which drove back to pune to drop us. On the way we visited Shani Signapur and reached pune by 7.00 pm in the night had our dinner in the same hotel were we had our Breakfast Saturday Morning & the bus dropped us in Pune airport by 9.30 to catch my flight back to Chennai @ 10.30 pm

This was one satisfactory tour for me though I don’t know much Hindi to manage myself & not been to the place before this was very comfortable & pleasing tour. I know I have payed a good money INR11900 this is totally worth it.


Though I didn’t find any as such,people out there still complained, you cannot satisfy everyone

1) There were some old age South Indian people who couldn’t accommodate North Indian food which you can’t help it because in NorthIndia you can find only North Indian food. Be a roman when you are in rome .

2) The tour guide told us once you finish Darshan you can call the hotel & they will send you vehicle to pick up & he also clearly mentioned you have to wait for 45 minutes It’s better you take a auto who charge you Rs.60 I took a auto and went back to home some waited for the pick up & lost patience It’s always good to spend some extra bucks when you travel, and Rs 60 is not a big deal at least for me in the trip.

Overall it was a good trip thanks Vasanth Kamal tours & Rahul Manthalkar for arranging it.

I would highly recommend people to go by VasanthKamal tours as it’s totally worth your money, so again this year I am planning for Shirdi with my family all I have to do is just write a email which I am going to do in the upcoming months.

If you personally want to reach out to me asking any questions please feel free to shoot me a mail @